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The Best Children's Satin Bonnets: Little Rootz

Child in Purple Satin Bonnet

Little Rootz is primarily known for offering Children's Satin Bonnets for their ability to stay on all night, even for the wildest sleepers. There are a few different things that make us the Best Children's Satin Bonnets. For one, we offer much more than a perfect fit. Our patterns are intentional, and we emphasize quality. Our Children's Durag and Bonnet line encourages children from underserved and underrepresented communities to see their inner power. Additionally, we now offer versatile Bonnet styles that can fit any unique needs, such as our minimal-elastic Reversible Solid Bonnets, releasing soon. 


Satin Bonnet Size Chart

We offer two Bonnet sizes. We recommend Toddler/Pre-K size for children ages 2-6, and our Child/Adult size for ages 6+. We have a dedicated Satin Bonnet Size Chart for specific measurements, showing measurements in inches. 


Children's Bonnet: Tie-able Straps


Our Tie-able Strap Bonnets come in two sizes: Toddler/Pre-K and Child Adult. This single-lined option offers long straps that are "tie-able" in your desired way. Depending on preference, many parents choose to wrap the Bonnet's straps around vs. tying in a bow. Our "My Hero" Mov-PyrokinesisErgokinesis, and Florakinesis are currently only available in the style option. The band is polyester, and there is minimal elastic only in the back to prevent tearing as the Bonnets are placed on your child's head. Our newly released "Things They Love" Collection offers this styling option in all patterns. 



Solid Reversible Tie-Able Strap Bonnets

Coming this Fall, we will introduce our long-awaited Solid Reversible Satin Bonnets. We will only initially offer the Bonnets in the Child/Adult size. The band will be Satin and is restrictive in fit. There will be a small elastic band in the back to aid in fit, but this Bonnet is really for those who want a No-Elastic/Minimal Elastic Bonnet. 


The ideal customer for our Tie-Able Strap Satin Bonnets

Our Tie-able Satin Bonnets are best for people looking for a Bonnet with 

    • minimal / no-elastic
    • versatile styling options
    •  security throughout the night
    • lightweight fabric


Kid's Bonnet: Covered Elastic Band

Our Covered Elastic Band is a newly introduced option as an alternative to our Tie-able Stap option. We introduced this option as an alternative for young males who wear Satin Bonnets to protect their hair at night with many different styles such as our DINO-miteUnder Construction, and You're Magical patterns. Additionally, it's an alternative for those who do not want our Tie-able style tying option. Our Covered Elastic Band option is Double-lined and comes in both sizes, Toddler/Pre-K and Child/Adult. This style option has a thick elastic band around the Bonnet's circumference and is adjustable, allowing for a secure, comfortable fit. 


The ideal customer for our Covered Elastic Band Satin Bonnets

Our Tie-able Satin Bonnets are best for people looking for a Bonnet with 
    • Double-lined
    • Adjustable Fit
    •  security throughout the night
    • Gender-neutral


Single-Lined Vs. Double-Lined Bonnet

Just recently, Double-Lined Satin Bonnets grew in popularity. Many articles cite that Double-Lined Satin Bonnets lock in more moisture, thus making them the better option; however, we feel it's a matter of preference. As a Children's Bonnet line, we must account for the comfortability of who we create products and how our products are worn and used. Children, specifically younger children, sweat a lot in their sleep, so adding another layer of fabric isn't ideal for most. Additionally, we must account for those seeking maximum protection for their child(ren) hair, which is why we provide both options: single and double-lined.


As we continue introducing more Children's Satin Bonnet options, we will update this post with those announcements. Please comment below if you would like to see more of or recommend styles that you would like to see in the future.


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