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30 Day Hair Detox Challenge

Hair Detox: What is and How to Do it?

6 days ago
Did you know just as you can perform a body detox, you can execute a hair detox? Yes, you read that right. The "#30DayHairDetox," a challenge conceptualized by the licensed hairstylists Aeleise and Ayesha of Black Girl Curls, challenges naturals to go 30-days without products of raw shea butter, raw coconut oil, Eco Styler, and products that include them in the top 5 ingredients. But why?
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Child in Purple Satin Bonnet

The Best Children's Satin Bonnets: Little Rootz

Little Rootz is primarily known for offering Children's Satin Bonnets for their ability to stay on all night, even for the wildest sleepers. There are a few different things that make us the Best Children's Satin Bonnets. Read more about our product offerings and product information.
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Child in Swimming Cap

Best Children's Hairstyles for a Swim filled Summer

If the heat isn't an indication - summer is officially here. For many of us, that means event-filled calendars consisting of summer camps, birthdays, and family vacations. If you intend for your child(ren) to swim during the hot summer months, it's essential to understand and know how to protect their hair from chlorine damage to maintain optimal health. Read on to learn Our Top 6 Recommended Hairstyles for a Swim Filled Summer.
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Afro Textured Hair with Comb

Hair Typing Systems: The Misconceptions and History

If you or your child are beginning your natural hair journey, chances are you have been introduced to the concept of Hair Typing. In a world of 4A's, 3B's, and 2C's, Hair Typing has become highly criticized, and conversations surrounding it can confuse many. Hair Typing references much more than hair texture.
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Mother doing daughter low porosity hair

Hair Porosity: How it influences your Hair Regimen

If you're in the thick of understanding your child's hair and what products best suit it, you've likely come across the word "porosity." Porosity is a word that has been used around the natural hair care community for a while now but what does it truly mean? Read on to learn more.
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Back length Children's Loc

Loc Size Chart: What Size Locs are best for your child?

There are many things to consider when starting your Child's Loc journey. One of the most critical factors before starting locs, aside from your parting system, is determining an appropriate size. That's why a Loc Size Chart is a necessity. Size matters for many things, but when discussing Locs, identifying and understanding the proper loc size is essential in your child's loc journey. This article will discuss different factors when determining the appropriate size locs for your child or yourself. 
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Child Satin Durags

The Purpose of Durags - Why Your Child should Wear One

Durags, originally spelled doo-rag, are pieces of fabric that people, primarily Black males, wear around their heads. This fabric can consist of Silk, Satin, Velvet, and Mesh. Durags are often associated with developing hair waves, but these products alone do not make waves.

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Silk Satin Bonnet for Hair

Silk Vs. Satin Bonnet for Hair: Which is best for your child?

Silk and Satin bonnets knowingly help maintain many natural hair textures. It's true, whether curly, coily, or kinky, there is no dispute that a Silk or Satin bonnet can significantly improve the health of your hair - that is in addition to a healthy hair regimen.
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