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Satin Bonnet Size Chart


The concept of sizing Satin Bonnets for toddlers is relatively new. We've developed our Satin Bonnet Size Chart to ensure you can choose the best fit for your child. 

Children's Satin Bonnets
Size(Identification) Infant Toddler/Pre-K Child/Adult
Size(Inches) 13-16" 17-19" 19" and up



Satin Bonnets for Babies

We are currently further developing our Satin Bonnets for babies. For collection releases sign up for our Emails. 



Satin Bonnets for Toddlers

Currently, we offer two sizes of Satin Bonnets. We offer Satin Bonnets for toddlers. We indicate this sizing with the label Toddler/Pre-K for ages 2-6.

Referring to our Bonnet size chart, this sizing is best for head sizes 17-19" in circumference. We understand that not many know your Toddler's head circumference. For that reason, we've specified the age recommendation as 2-6 yrs old. Aside from a variance in sizing, this smaller size provides all of the same details as our larger sizing. Please note that the density and length of hair contribute to how the Bonnets fit your Toddler. In addition to thickness and length of hair, the stretchy headband associated with our bonnets allows for much wiggle room. Please always use your discretion when selecting the appropriate size for your child. Refer to our "How To Videos" for additional resources on sizing. 


Satin Bonnets for Children

Our Child/Adult size is the recommended sizing for children ages 6 and up. The Satin Bonnet Size Chart indicates that this sizing is best for head sizes 19" and up. This sizing is appropriate for many different lengths and densities of hair. This sizing fits adults as well. We offer loc bonnets for longer hair lengths and styles, such as Locs and Braids.

Tie-Strap Satin Bonnets for Toddlers and Children

Our Tie-Strap Satin Bonnets offer long straps for styling and securing your Child's Satin Bonnet. This may be your preferred Bonnet style if you wish to avoid elastic. Please note, there is a small band of elastic placed in the back of the Bonnet to allow for a better fit and prevent ripping. The Tie-Strap Bonnets are best for styling, as they allow bows/wraps to be tied in the back, front or side.

Adjustable Satin Bonnets for Toddlers and Children

We have introduced a new Adjustable Double-lined Satin Bonnet as an alternative to our traditional tie-strap bonnets. Our adjustable bonnets abide by the measurements shown in the Bonnet Size Chart. Selecting between our Tie-Strap Satin Bonnets and Adjustable Satin Bonnets is a matter of preference. Our Adjustable Satin Bonnets contain an elastic band around the perimeter of the Bonnets, allowing for adjustability. Compared to our no elastic Satin Tie-Strap bonnet, which fits securely through a tying method.


*Warning: Please note, this item has long straps posing a strangulation hazard for young children. Adult supervision is encouraged. 

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