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Children's Pink Bonnet with Superheroes

Children's Satin Bonnets

Buying Satin Bonnets for your Child Online

Purchasing Satin Bonnets for your Child online doesn't have to be complicated. At Little Rootz, we pride ourselves on developing a genuine Bonnet line explicitly designed for Children ages two and up. The purpose of our brand is to offer high-quality Satin Bonnets for Children that reflect the things they are most passionate about while keeping your Child's hair protected. Bonnets are known to prevent tangles and reduce frizz by creating a barrier between your Child's cotton pillows. We currently offer a small but growing catalog of Children's Bonnets. Shop our "My Hero" and "Things They Love" Satin Durag collection now.


Designed for your Child

Of course, there are many online stores you can buy a purchase Bonnets for your Child, but we are the only online Satin Bonnets store that offers various sizing options for children with exclusive designs. Because we provide Satin Bonnets for Children as young as two, we understand the need to adapt our sizing. No more oversized bonnets for your toddler. Our sizing recommendation varies based on the density and length of your Child's hair. You can read more about our different sizing options here.


Stays on all night!

Being that we are serving a younger demographic, the design of our product is most important. Our bonnets are known to stay on all night, essential when dealing with wild sleepers. We offer two styles of satin bonnets that allow for the most comfortable fit. Our adjustable style is a double-lined Satin Bonnet that includes an adjustable elastic band. We also offer a tie-able style, which features long straps that you can tie in a bow in various styles. Regardless of your desired style, we offer patterns guaranteed to provide comfort and bring a smile to your Child's face. 


Shop our Satin Bonnet Collection for Kids Online

We strive to serve, Children belonging to underserved and underrepresented communities. We hope that you find something that resonates with you and your family in our offering of quality products.

Children's Pink Bonnet with Superheroes

MY HERO, Satin Bonnet

Children's Purple Unicorn Bonnet

THINGS THEY LOVE, You're Magical!

Children's Red Construction Bonnet

THINGS THEY LOVE, Under Construction


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