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As an extension to our Superhero Collection, our Superhero Shower Caps are meant to take your child's hair care to the next level. Our Satin-Lined Superhero Shower Caps are lined with Satin throughout and include an adjustable drawstring - making them perfect for all ages. The outer waterproof PVC layer protects from humidity, while the satin-lined interior helps to reinforce moisture. Keep moisture out, all while keeping moisture in while your child splashes comfortably in the tub. The Satin-lined interior allows for the Shower Cap to be reversible. The ability to reverse our shower caps, allow for pre-poo's, overnight and deep conditioning, making it the perfect addition to our Superhero Collection.
Suggested for All Hairstyles, but here are a few
Afro's, Twist, Twistout, Presses, Locs & Braids

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