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Let's build! Our "Under Construction" print features a Dump Truck, Cement Mixer, Bull Dozer, and Skid Loader making it the perfect print for your little builders. This print is available in Durag and Two Bonnet Styles. Select your preferred option below. 

Our Satin Bonnets are created with your child in mind by providing complete overnight protection for even the wildest sleepers. Satin is a breathable material best for retaining moisture while protecting your child's hair from breakage and tangles. Our "Things They Love" collection offers unisex styles and prints. Chose from a Satin-covered band or our traditional tie-band. Both allow for a secure fit. The straps offer another level of security by firmly keeping the bonnet in place while laying your edges. While the alternate style, the satin-covered elastic band offers an adjustable mechanism. Either will keep your child comfortable. 


Suggested for All Hairstyles, but here are a few
Afro's, Twist, Twistout, Presses, Locs & Braids

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