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A New Product, “My Hero” Satin Loc Caps

Children's Loc

As we continue to evolve, our hairstyles do too, and although locs date back to as early as 1500 BCE, the concept of "Satin Loc Caps" and Bonnets is still relatively new. We're happy to announce the introduction of our Satin Lined Loc Caps. We've established our presence as a Children's Satin Bonnet and Durag line, but due to demand, we have extended our line to include Satin Loc Caps as well - it was only fitting. We constructed our Loc Caps specifically to address the needs of longer-length hairstyles such as Braids and Locs. Below, we'll be detailing the features of our Satin Lined Loc Caps and why they're the best Satin device to protect your Child(rens) Loc, Braid, or Shoulder Length hair.

The Features of our Satin Lined Loc Caps

Satin Lined

Satin provides many benefits to the hair, regardless of styling. An essential part of your Loc Regimen is covering your locs with a Satin Loc Cap or Bonnet. Our Loc Caps are Satin lined, as Satin helps to maintain moisture and reduce frizz in hair - two essential factors in maintaining the appearance of Locs. Opting for one of our Satin Lined Loc Caps, compared to a Bonnet, will allow your locs to fall comfortably, depending on the length aiding in the maturity and formation of your locs.

Adjustable Band

Our Satin Lined Loc Caps feature an adjustable elastic band around the circumference. This band ensures a comfortable fit and support throughout the night. We wanted to ensure that this band was adjustable to prevent the need for excessive pressure around the hairline, as extreme pressure can lead to breakage. Rest assured, our Loc Caps can adjust to many different sizing(s), allowing for the perfect fit.

Size Recommendations: Loc Size

Our Satin Lined Loc Caps are currently only available in one length. We recommend them for Children ages 2-12 with back-length locs or shorter. We will be introducing additional length and style options. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list to be notified of new product arrivals and available discounts.

For Many Styles

Although we refer to our Satin Lined Loc Caps as "Loc Caps," keep in mind that this product will work well for longer hairstyles. Back-length hair, box braids, tree braids, and many other hairstyles are all appropriate styles in which you can use our Loc Caps.


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